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tv   Action News  ABC  August 20, 2014 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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to be in forewhatumyo can see sm ng the wes e williamsporstern s e evening.scene of that big lleo n.6 gam 7:30.we'llee or not thy al trent 72 i cityall these numbers a little b tiherha the last coupleniorngs. e low 80's.s your high at 3 o'cp down to 81 by 6 o'clock. 50-50 between cloud and sun todnd it is going will have onn theide that b league world series game, the afrernoon and thea oome rain in
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the accuywe e ot a dry morningve. commut we're lond we have construction going on. this is delaware county, i-95 at 420. have someorthboundsce soutouruction and switching over right now to southwest philadelp see i-95 right here at enterprise avenue, construction we can see the cones, the arrow board still out. should be in the process of clearing pretty soon. this is southbound blog e bit of slowing insouthwest phn but as we lhe bigpicture we cane cottmanoss bri movi 53, 55 miles an hour. so, no issues there.uylkill is d shape but 34th street at grays ferry avenue watch for the traffic lights. they're not working at this point so you really need to use some caution at that intersection. police areand. they're directing traffic around the scene so they'll be helping you out with that one. taking you to chester county, we have construction on the turnpike eastbound approaching downingtown so watch for that
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one. it's blocking the right lane, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. and this continues to develop. happening today, u.s. attorney general eric holder will be in ferguson, missouri, to meet with the fbi and other federal officials who are now investigating the deadly li michael brown. the sixth straight night of protests in ferguson over the shooting were mostly peaceful until about midnight. that's when police arrested 47 people who they say threw bottles and items at officers. a local grand jury could start hearing evidence in the case today to determine if the officer involved, darren wilson, should face charges in thyear-old brown's death. brown's family said that his funeral will be held on monday. stay with "action news" and for the very developments from ferguson, missoi.ur you can read about the autopsy of michael brown and see pictures of the intense otesters and police.en >> police are still trying the piece together wha c deadly two-car crash in e action cam was on the
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scene around 60 st night in huntingdon pike and spur road intingdon valley. the collision flipped one caron. the person in that vehicle died. a person in the other car is incal condition and a third person suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. a woman who drove h suv into cobbs creek in southwest philel recovering in the hospital this morning. her family says it appears 60-year-old cheryl allison suffrt attack yestdafternoon causing her to lose contr vehicle. the suv flipped over, trapping her underneath the water. that's when several men worked together to get her out. >> me and another guy we took a rock and broke the glass and then i seen her feet in there dangling so i didn't know if she was alive or had a air pocket or something but we just -- i don't know, i just flipped into rescue mode. >> the good samaritans here.
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witnesses say allison was unconscious but the men and responding police officers performed cpr and were able to help revive her. she is expected to be okay. >> it's 5:04 and happening today, the taney dragons hit the field for their third game of the little league world series but before that, you can get in on all of the excitement by joining philadelphia mayor michael nutter at a pep rally. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside of philadelphia city hall. she's got the latest. a lot of spirit out there for this team. >> reporter: absolutely, tam, then pep rally is taking place at 6:30 this evening at city hall courtyard. there's a viewing party planned for directly afterwards. it's big game tonight. their opponent las vegas has proved to be a team of good hitters. the taney dragons say they're ready to go. the taney dragons have taken williamsport by storm and back home they have a huge crowd cheering for them. taney gear has been flying off the racks at modell's and well
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wishes have been rolling in from their hometown pro athletes. >> a lot of congrats go to them and hopefully they finish up strong and do well. >> mo davis mowing down those boys. she's pretty good. >> i definitely want a jersey. if anybody can get that for me. i need a jersey so i can represent for philly. >> reporter: 13-year-old pitcher mo'ne davis has become the first little leaguer to make the national cover of sports illustrated. she's captured the nation's attention for baseball but says eventually it could be basketball she sticks with. >> reporter: what do you think that the limit is for mo'ne? >> to go as far as i can. >> reporter: you don't know what that is? >> yeah. i might -- i might -- baseball might be my third sport. i might -- well, soccer might be my third sport but never know but i kind of want -- i want to go to uconn and be a point guard on the basketball team. >> reporter: davis the rest of the team have been taking
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the attention in stride. las vegas is undefeated in the series and both teams are working to keep their nerves in check. >> probably all of us will be probably a little bit nervous, you know, having many, many people at this game. >> no nerves tonight? >> not really, no. >> no nerves tomorrow when you take the field. >> can't be nervous. >> reporter: and game time is at 7:30 tonight. a lot of fans will be watching here in philadelphia. we also know they're going to be boarding a bus to williamsport this morning. quite a few people wanting to be in the crowd for what they hope will be another victory. we're live at city hall, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> thank you katherine. join us today on "action news" as reporter chad pradelli is live from williamsport with all the excitement of the little league world series. >> we're hoping for a win. we're also hoping for some good weather. we know david you're keeping an eye on that. >> yeah a-little iffy in williamsport tonight. we'll see. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you into iffy weather this morning. we have dry conditions at the airport and elsewhere around
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the region. looking at sunshine mixing with clouds today and dry conditions until later tonight. taking a look at temperatures we're off to a warmer start than what we had the last couple of mornings. we're already at 72 in philadelphia, 72 in wilmington and allentown no longer living in the 50's in the morning. you're in the mid 60's now. 67 in trenton. 70 in reading and 72 in sea isle city and in atlantic city down by the ocean. future tracker 6 shows that you we're going to be back and forth between clouds and sun as we go through the day. here's the noon view. as we go into evening hours we'll be on the lookout for showers and maybe a thunderstorm starting to r in towards the northern and western suburbs. by 6 o'clock tonight doesn't look like anything there and it may not make most of the action is going to be farther to the west but it's something we'll want to keep an eye on in berks county and the lehigh valley and maybe out in lancaster county in particular. williamsport is out around here and it's not a total nonstop downpour out there tonight but it does look like there's the chance of at least a scattered shower or a thunderstorm when they're trying to play the game.
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83 degrees sun and clouds up in allentown a-bit on the humid side today there much the way it was yesterday. down the shore we've got temperature in the 70's on the beach and getting up to about 80 by 3 o'clock. in the water 76 to 77, not too bad. remember your sunscreen outdoors today. enough sun to warrant that. sun and clouds in philadelphia, a bit humid the way it was yesterday. a very similar day with a high of 85 degrees. not quite as breezy. 72 by 8 o'clock, 11 -- 11 o'clock 79 degrees and by 2 o'clock 84. your high of 85 probably around 3 o'clock this afternoon. day baseball at citizens bank park 1:05 start time for the phils and mariners. 82 for the first pitch, 84 in the ninth inning. tonight in williamsport the taney dragons trying to get this game in. we'll go for mostly cloudy skies with a chance of a thunderstorm in the area, 74 degrees at game time. hopefully they can continue the big run tonight. and then tomorrow in the morning there could be a shower or a thunderstorm for to us show in the morning during the broadcast. during the day looks like most
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of the action is in the afternoon and showers and maybe a thunderstorm appear to be mainly parked to the north of philadelphia or to the west. i'm not saying you can't get something over here but this is where it looks like most of our activity is going to be tomorrow. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 85 a-bit humid today. tomorrow possible showers, 82 degrees. northern and western suburbs could be ground zero but we'll all have to watch out for something popping tomorrow. mostly cloudy on friday, 78, a lingering shower there. weekend still looks good. 78 on saturday and sunday, probably a few more clouds around on saturday than sunday and that nice wtern continues into the early part of next week. nice on monday and tuesday. good tweak have a vacation. had one. >> you'll enjoy leaving e for work in the middle ofy. >> absolutely. >> 5:10. more new stories you didn't see last night coming up including the peeping tom targeting a delaware neighborhood. oage a massacre out west.
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>> road a quiet scene anty line road. what's i prussia? we'll tak y there next. >> okay, karen, thankou top of 21 story condo building. we'll show y off the feat aittle later inorn >> ♪k.
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and in somene jersey if you'r vacationing 63 in dover a decent day ahegoing to fee , ken.ds and sun butice high of8 ♪ c airstrikes least 10 palestinis the israeli military sayn respod earlier bytinian militants.fighting resum yestery dter gaza fired dozens ofrocken ows inolving both israel hwnas its delegation. person's in isolation as ais ar precaution at kaiserteouth sacro medical center.
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it's unclear what prompted the patient to get medicaln. mo oeb liberia leone and nigeria. no cases tavhe u.s.rrschool stue planning a deadly attack at theirnia school. the southicecleve say the two id plans on line. e staff membersg and as many students as possible. say they got a callhursdd wn they py the mariners pit .nast night. shitrls in ho prompt a rer bee t fnor concernsken glass pregnant wrs say only tbe
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ibbon cutte a cafe wh seatings evenernd new e. te surprid not there, let'ta univ tersi let'ta ery good karen. we're off to aemin the low 70's by 9 o'clo it's g ayth a mix of sun,od e5egreoing to be m like up antckyosof you tve oaere areome oo and pitts a ltle >> thank n youumbersan rat
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s sh pot.
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have a s cal police. y personhe screen, youto call w po♪ t m btzon.reon mir a flagr so thing. >> right ottawa o p buiers story condo a food truf t k get andtoppinrtk b e 900 pounds o food out intruck tooimaginiyng t all the food up andad somekind . >> time now this dwest. are mdeveloping story ine two gunmen are
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people hostage inclu childrenlso when weome back islamics sengrisly message to te heptured american journalist life of a second ameri
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>> ♪ >> developing now on "action news," peaceful marches are marred by moments of unrest in month movement we're keeping an eye on this situation and the steps being taken to keep the calm overnight. >> new this morning, a car goes on a crash course in northeast philadelphia. nearly slamming right into a home. >> win and you're in. the taney dragons are just six innings away from clinching a spot in the u.s. title game at the little league world series. how fabulous would that be? >> it is a big day for them. >> yes, it is. >> it is a big day for them. big day for all of us. it's 5:30 on this wednesday august 20th. matt o'donnell is off. sharrie williams is joining us. let's go right over to meteorologist, david murphy. he says there could be some rain tonight and karen rogers has your traffic. good morning. >> right now the only rain we see on satellite and radar in that wide view is out by pittsburgh and ohio. here we're looking at a mix of clouds and sun building as we go through the morning and it is going to be rather humid.
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this rain out here will be pushing toward central pennsylvania including williamsport which is about where i drew the x and it could be that we get a shower or a thunderstorm in the vicinity of the taney dragons baseball game tonight at williamsport. we'll see whether or not it's enough to hinder the play. 72 degrees in philadelphia, 72 in wilmington, 66 in allentown right now. 72 in sea isle city. you'll note that all these numbers are a little bit milder than we were the last couple of mornings at this time. we were in the 50's in a lot of northern suburbs over the last c
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